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This is our second deep dive into the fast-paced, eclectic world of young football fans.

In 2018, we paid a lot of attention to the exciting technological and entertainment related trends that were transforming the fan mindset [and broader game] as we know it.

With fans now enjoying an unparalleled level of access, these riches have also brought unwelcome excesses such as fringe opinions being emboldened by the social media swell, and traditional football media views that jar with the diverse and conscientious Modern Fan community.

The Modern Football Fan is aged 16 to 24, worldly, culturally curious and passionate – about football, but also about music and gaming.

These increasingly visible challenges, along with the glacial progress of football’s structural bodies, are bringing these young Modern Fans to a crossroads. They are seriously questioning what ‘brand’ of football is fit for purpose (whether that be relating to national identity, gender, social issues, or wider politics), and what they are willing to do to achieve it.

We have interrogated these hot topics, and also cast our net wide, conducting research in the USA, UK, Brazil and China, to better understand local nuances of the Modern Football Fan.

Welcome to the Modern Fan Report 2019.


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