And So It Begins

Date: 3rd October 2022, 1:44 pm

After finishing the precourse, I have finally started the full-time Makers course and after the first day, I was more excited than I was during the pre-course. Going into day 1, I had no idea what I was walking into at all. During the informal discussions and group sessions that were held throughout the day, it was clear that everyone had all the same questions, but the coaches did a fantastic job of easing everyone in. I can only speak for myself, but I was a lot more comfortable after the first day.GoWebMe Introductions Blog Image

The kick-off to the day was very pleasant, as we were invited to bring our preferred drink, being coffee or tea, and join an informal discussion and introduction. This was a great way to break the ice and also see all the different people, with different backgrounds and different characteristics in the cohort. Everyone was very friendly. After discussing an array of random topics from everyone's preferred hot drink to the excitement of starting the course, including the reasons behind one person deciding to bring tea and coffee, we proceeded to the formal introductions. It was comforting to see that we were all in the same boat in some way. Leaving our current careers to go into the unknown.

GoWebMe Tea and Coffee Blog ImageMeeting the coaches was also interesting. The cohort was stunned into silence when we were all hit with "you can now ask the coaches anything you like" questions. This may be because we probably had over 100 questions or maybe some of us didn't want to be the first to ask. After a few seconds, one of the cohort members broke the ice and this was followed by a number of relevant questions. The coaches have a very positive way about them and I could certainly feel the energy in the room. Not only did they answer questions, but there was a little banter which made us all laugh and lighten the mood.

GoWebMe Positivity Blog ImageIt was very pleasant to see that mental health and wellbeing are so important to the coaches. A Chief Joy Officer (CJO) conducted a presentation to the cohort educating all of us on what mental health and wellbeing mean, how to look after ourselves, and the services available to us during the course. This also disproved a lot of myths surrounding mental health, wellbeing and meditation. The CJO was very positive, friendly, and very approachable.

GoWebMe Twitter Waddles Blog ImageThe last presentation for the day was based on how to succeed at Makers. We were again broken up into pairs and asked to discuss various topics that we thought would help us make a success to Makers. It was interesting to hear everyone's thoughts and interpretations of this, but in the end, we all had the same idea. We were all set on the same path. On a totally different note, I never thought that I will have to turn to a rubber duck to get answers. I will give this a go and see how it turns out (meet Waddles on the left).

The main message that I got from the last presentation, and that resonated throughout the day, was "learn to learn". Each person will have their own way of learning and there are various different learning strategies. I can only assume that, as a developer, you will be forever learning. From the very little coding I have done, I can see that there are many ways of doing the same thing and coding is a forever-changing world with already so many options. The only way to keep up is to learn to learn.