My First Blog

Date: 3rd October 2022, 3:28 pm

Developing this blog page using JavaScript, NodeJS and a bunch of dependencies has been my greatest challenge and achievement whilst learning how to code. Well, that was until I had to write my first blog in such a way that readers would not get bored and just move on.

GoWebMe Blog Post Learning ImageIn my quest to become a developer, I have read various blogs, watched YouTube videos and listened to professionals, and I discovered that there are many ways up a mountain (so to speak). After completing online courses through Udemy, freecodecamp and Codecademy, I decided to follow the route of Makers Academy. This decision did not come easy as it would mean I would leave my career after 15 years, be unemployed for 3 months and it isn’t the cheapest activity I have ever taken part in. No regrets though.

GoWebMe Developer Blog Post Staircase ImageJoining a Makers cohort is not just a case of paying and that’s it - they make sure that the applicants are well prepared. There are some challenges to complete and targets to achieve which would require the applicant to be goal-driven, persistent and willing/able to put in the time. This provided a sense of comfort that Makers want their students to do well and this is probably the approach that they will have throughout the training. Going into the unknown, it is reassuring to know that your coaches go the extra mile to help.

The initial qualification criteria was a great introduction to their selected coding language, Ruby. If you complete all of the challenges and meet the targets, you are then interviewed by a Makers staff member, so they can determine your understanding. All of the staff are very friendly, supportive, and helpful.

GoWebMe Developer Wired Barin ImageThe past three weeks have been, as previously mentioned, like climbing a mountain. A lot of reading, research, testing and long hours. It reminds me of a quote “developers are machines that turn coffee into code”. Regardless, it has been fantastic. Makers have managed the way the material is presented very well and the challenges are really fun and interesting. One of my favourite outcomes so far was all the different resources we have learnt about. I would normally develop a website using VS Code or Sublime Text, store it locally and upload the necessary files onto cPanel. In the past 3 weeks, we have become familiar with AWS’s cloud IDE, GitHub (love it) and Repl.

GoWebMe Developer Mountain ImageAs for the coding challenges, they have been a lot of fun. I personally enjoy video games and that is what the challenges have been based on, little games. Looking back, I have gone from completing 8kyu challenges on Codewars to writing small real-world solutions for games. They may be minor to some, but it is a long way for me to go in such a short period. And, it has been a lot of fun. It is also quite pleasant seeing the rest of the cohort of friendly people posting their successes and struggles in the group chat. It is even greater than the members are so open to helping one another and also showing appreciation for being helped. 

As of next week, the course runs full-time, Monday to Friday. I am very excited to see what happens next and what we can really do. Looking forward to it.