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My journey to becoming a developer

About Me

From a young age, I have always had a fascination with technology. As a result, in the beginning of 2020 I decided to learn more about development which led me to enrol in a few courses and bootcamps online. One course after another, and a lot of practice, I started to see a vast improvement in what I was producing. So, I decided to become a developer.

I have completed a few projects for different people and some for myself, which I demonstrate below. I find a lot of joy in developing and coding. I have also learnt a lot from other professionals online and I appreciate the work and effort they put into their online courses. I hope to be able to connect with more likeminded people in tech.











Since I started gaining more confidence with the different techniques and skills I have been learning, I have been offering my services to small local businesses or individuals that may have needed my services. I have developed some projects for myself to make sure I get enough practice and keep my skills sharp.

Below, in this section, are some of the projects that I have compelted with the links if you are interested to visit the pages themselves. I am not marketting nor am I promoting any of these companies, but rather demonstrating the work that I have done.

GoWebMe website developed for personal printing client
Mrs T's Creations

The frontend for a small online store that sells personalised items online. The are some neat effects and a great color combination.

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GoWebMe website developed for tyre fitment client
24/7 Mobile Tyre Fitting

A WordPress website for a small business that provides emergency tyre fitting services wherever suits their clients.

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GoWebMe website developed for betting firm

Using JavaScript, I converted the data received from a JSON feed into a styled table for a betting company website in Estonia. Not yet Live

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GoWebMe website developed for a construction company
Mill Harbour Proj Info

An website to allow a construction company to communicate what they are doing for the public, to the public.

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